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Three Popular Lewisville TX Restaurants To Choose From

Lewisville TX is home to the MCL Grand Theater and all kinds of interesting places to visit. If you read about the city’s history, it reminds you of Little House on the Prairie. Lewisville TX has an interesting history, and the city features 240 restaurants. As you get ready to pick one for your next meal, let me help you out with three great choices.

Korner Cafe is on West Main Street, and saying it is known for salads and sandwiches does not do this place justice. First you can order up breakfast, too, including biscuits and gravy. They also have gyros, catfish, pizza and chicken fried steak, among other things. Is there anything that Korner Cafe doesn’t serve? You can also grab a juicy burger, and the catfish on Friday is all you can eat. Oh and one more thing, breakfast is served all day.

Fat Cow Barbecue is on Valley Ridge Boulevard, and it is known for bacon wrapped jalapenos, watermelon tea, lean brisket and more. Now, I will be the first person to tell you not to trim the fat off of the brisket, but to each his own. I was surprised to see that a barbecue restaurant in Texas did that, but this establishment still looks like an excellent place to visit for a nice meal.

Next, stop on by the Bayou Market. It is located on Southwest Parkway, and it is one of those hole in the wall restaurant gems that people are always searching for. This is your place to eat all the Louisiana style cajun cuisine that your heart desires. Is it time for some seafood gumbo? It is time to pick a spot to eat in Lewisville for sure, and maybe that seafood gumbo will be first up. You have to decide.