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Five Top Lewisville Nc Restaurants for Vacationers to Enjoy

Lewisville North Carolina is home to many great restaurants, currently 235 to be exact. Yet, its top ranked restaurant right now is a chain steakhouse, and someone needs to fix that. Are you familiar with Saltgrass Steak House? It is a lovely establishment with many locations throughout the country, but I’m sure there are other unique places to eat that can take first billing. Let’s get to exploring more of the Lewisville NC restaurants.

Tierney’s Cafe and Tavern is on East Main Street, and while reviews mention it is a great spot for brunch, the establishment serves up some delicious prime rib. It makes you think that the cafe is also a good spot for dinner. One reviewer talks about delicious catfish, and that sounds like a nice find if you ask me. Fried catfish nuggets are always good. Now on to the next Lewisville, North Carolina restaurant.

Zocado’s looks interesting, almost like a castle, and the name is surely unique. What is inside? Zocado’s is a towering Mexican restaurant, very nice and modern looking. While I favor hole in the wall establishments when it comes to Mexican cuisine, this place looks cool. It is located on West Hebron Parkway, and pardon me while I daydream about fajitas. Maybe you are also daydreaming about fajitas and other great Mexican dishes.

Lewisville may not be home to over 1,500 restaurants like Charlotte, but it is certainly a city with plenty of great eats. Let’s look at a few more names so that you have some other restaurants to choose from while you’re looking around. There is Rockfish Seafood & Grill, Korner Kafe and Fat Cow BBQ to name a few. You keep looking on down the list of restaurants and no telling what you will run into, but you have five top establishments now to visit in Lewisville.